July 1, 2017


Responding to the demand for greener systems, energy savings, and other urgent challenges in cities around the world, Mitsubishi Electric is applying our world-leading expertise in elevators and escalators, HVAC, building security, and photovoltaic technologies to provide solutions for commercial and residential complexes, changing the way you live and work for the better


Since the 1930s, Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators have been moving people at high speeds in comfort and safety. Today our super-high-speed elevator technology makes ultra-high-rise architectural practical, while creative breakthroughs such as our spiral escalator open up new possibilities in public space design. Engineering for reliability, our elevator systems not only deliver a comfortable ride, but are also highly sophisticated, ensuring energy efficiency and safety for passengers. Our commitment to safety, quality, efficiency, and ecology is summarized by our slogan
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Moving Walks


    Integrated management of various building facilities - such as air conditioning, lighting, and elevators - facilitates energy saving.


  • Already synonymous with reliable, safe and comfortable rail transportation around the world, Mitsubishi Electric is adding Energy-efficient to the list of qualities that define our advanced rolling stocks, sation facility systems, planning and control systems, and communication systems.


    Rail system are garnering attention as a viable form of transportation with less environmental impact. Mitsubishi Electric is striving fir high-level environmental performance through new technologies, such as low-energy-consumption rolling stock. regenerated electric power, the leveling of power loads, and more. As the only manufacturer in the world that can run, stop, and control rolling stock, Mitsubishi Electric has delivered electrical equipment and systems for approximately 38,000 railcars in 29 countries all over the world. With state-of-the-art technologies, Mitsubishi Electric has been playing an important role in the transportation infrastructure field. One of Mitsubishi's recent achievements is the launch of our Railcar Traction inverter with all-SIC power module. The new system reduces switching loss by approximately 55% compared to Mitsubishi Electric's conventional inverter system. In addition, it increases regenerated energy through the use of regenerative brakes in all speed ranges. As a result, total energy consumption of railcar systems, including their motors, is reduced by about 30% compared to conventional systems. The product line-up also includes ground-based systems such as our Station Energy Saving Inverter (S-EIV®). S-EIV® enables the efficient use of regenerative electricity, and direct delivery of the regenerative electricity to the station facilities, without the need for a secondary battery. This equipment can contribute a daily power savings of approximately 600kWh, or enough power for about 60 households.

    • Rolling Stock Systems

    • Power Supply and Electrification Systems

    • Station Facility Systems

    • Transportation Planning and Control Systems

    • Communication Systems

    From a ground breaking inverter with a conversion efficiency of up to 98%, to environmentally friendly electric power generation, transmission, and distribution systems, Mitsubishi Electric is innovating the power infrastructure with eco-conscious, energy-saving solutions.


    With over 35 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, Mitsubishi Electric's PV systems are designed and built for optimal efficiency and reliability. We're proud to use 100% lead-free solder in our photovoltaic. modules and continue to lead the industry in our development of high-efficiency PV modules.


    Around the world, demand for electrical power is expanding. As countries develop, electricity not only powers the growth of their business and industry, but also is a vital lifeline for homes. Today we are providing countries around the world with the same cutting-edge power systems that powered the development of Japan.
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Medium- & Low-voltage Switchgear and Systems


    Exploiting our proven energy platform technology as well as our information and communications technology, Mitsubishi Electric is redoubling efforts to develop innovative Smart Grid & Smart Community solutions that will both contribute to a low-carbon environment and enhance quality of life by providing safer and more secure social infrastructure.

    Supported by our global service network, the extensive lineup of Mitsubishi Electric factory automation and processing systems are on factory floors around the world, helping diverse industries enjoy the added value of rapid integration, flexibility, and efficiency, and achieve new levels of productivity, precision, and - above all - quality.


    For more than 75 years, manufacturers all over the world have relied on Mitsubishi Electric for advanced automation equipment. From modular programmable logic controllers (PLCs) capable of controlling a high-end automation platform, to micro-PLCs, AC servos, and our lineup of inverters, the automation system products of Mitsubishi Electric continue to earn the respect of manufacturers around the world.


    Industries utilizing automation machinery require more precise processing, higher functionality, and efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric delivers with next-generation technology that does the job with incredible precision and mission-critical reliability. As an example, our numerical controllers play a key role in machine tool systems, electrical discharge machines, and laser cutting machines, and our state-of-the-art electrical discharge machines are used in the manufacturing processes of medical equipment, semiconductors, electronic devices, and more. Their ability to deliver accurate processing, without the use of valuable human resources, enables our customers to improve productivity and quality levels.
    • Controllers
    • Programmable Controllers - MELSEC
    • Simple Application Controllers
    • Motion Controllers
    • Computerized Numerical Controllers - CNCs
    • Drive Controllers
    • AC Servos - MELSERVO
    • Inverters - FREQROL
    • Industrial Robots
    • Industrial Robots - MELFA
    • Visualization
    • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) - GOT
    • SCADA MC Work
    • Low-voltage Power Distribution Products
    • Low-voltage Circuit Breakers
    • Contactors and Motor starters
    • Power Monitoring Products
    • Power Management Meters
    • Processing Machines
    • Laser Processing Machines
    • Electrical Discharge Machines - EDM

    Image quality - that is why customers around the world continue to look to Mitsubishi Electric for the most advanced visual information systems, from giant stadium displays to large-scale LED marquees and display walls. While setting new standards in brilliance and reliability, our technology delivers cost savings throughout the product lifecycle with innovative features and higher energy efficiency.


    Integrating advanced information technology with our cutting-edge display technology, Mitsubishi Electric leads the way in visual communications. Certified as the world's longest screen by Guinness World Records (as of 2010), the Diamond vision LED at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, UAE gives every horse-racing fan a front row seat to the action. Since 1980, when our first Diamond Vision was installed at Dodger Stadium, Mitsubishi Electric's pioneering large-scale video display technology has consistently delivered the brightest, most colorful, and clearest imaging at the highest resolution available.
    • Diamond VisionTM
    • Ribbon Boards


    Featuring cutting-edge technology, the high definition and advanced functionality of Mitsubishi Electric's LED Display Wall and LCD Display Wall systems make them ideal for a wide variety of applications and operations, ranging from digital signage to Command & Control systems.
    • DLP® Display Wall System


    • Industrial Printers
    • Photo Printers

    LCD Screens

    • TFT-LCD Modules for Industrial Use

    Delivering life-saving early tsunami warnings, ensuring safer road transportation, exploring superconductivity applications in medicine, and making water safer to drink - the broad scope of Mitsubishi Electric's public systems and solutions embody our corporate mission of enhancing the quality of life in society through constantly innovating our technologies and services.


    Clean water is one of the most precious resources. Since conventional methods of water treatment can negatively impact the environment, the use of ozone in wastewater and drinking water treatment is growing in popularity as an environmentally practical solution. It is a more potent disinfectant than chlorine, serves as an effective deodorizer and water clarification agent, and produces a harmless by-product - oxygen - when used in water treatment.


    The purpose of Doppler Lidar ( Light Detection and Ranging) systems is to measure wind velocity and direction while detecting aerosols and their movement in the atmosphere. Doppler Lidar helps make wind assessment easier, as it can provide real time wind date for wide areas utilizing beam scanning patterns. At wind power generation facilities and wind farms, this technology can provide wind conditions remotely and in real time. In the future, Doppler Lidar is also expected to play a role in monitoring wind conditions to ensure the safe passage of aircraft.
    • Applied Superconductor Systems
    • Superconducting Magnet for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    • Superconducting Magnet for Scientific Research
    • Doppler Lidar Systems
    • Particle Therapy System
    • Water Treatment Systems-Ozone Generator
    • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


    We manage the production of on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators overseeing the process from the initial design to manufacturing the end product ensuring and guaranteeing the top quality our customers seek. Launching our production of nitrogen and oxygen generators, filling stations and container units, we have successfully entered the on-site market providing products which are safe, reliable, and easy to maintain and operate
    Our team of experienced designers strives to bring effective and affordable solutions that meet our customers’ expectations while developing products and components of the highest quality. Plus we pride ourselves for providing excellent services related to installation and maintenance. In the future we shall continue to be innovative, progressive, dynamic and environmentally responsible manufacturer of on-site generators. Therefore, in an effort to continue its successful work and achieve a stable position on the challenging international markets, Hymaze Limited has implemented Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our devices are approved by TUV NORD (N.B. 0045) and labeled with CE mark (PED 97/23/EC).


    Production range:
    • Oxygen from 0,6 to 500 Nm3/h with purities up to 95%
    • Nitrogen from 0,3 to 5000 Nm3/h with purities up to 99,9995%

    Stand alone System

    This cost effective and maintenance friendly solution, where all components are placed separately, is suitable for indoor installation. Waste heat from compressors can be used for heating. The supply includes a 3D visualization of component placement in the actual place of installation.